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– SEPTEMBER 2016 –

NEWS September 21, 2016 – To any one who doubts that peace requires a limitation of national sovereignty, this book, just released, may be of great help. It brings together several texts (and their English references) by one the greatest British federalists in the Interwar, Lord Lothian.

Le pacifisme ne suffit pas. Le patriotisme non plus – Philipp H. Kerr (Lord Lothian). Available at

Luigi Vittorio Maiocchi wrote the forword. By and large, it is a major contribution by both compilators, J. F. Billion and J. L. Prevel, to address the French unawareness of this major school of thought, that inspired Spinelli and federalist works as published in The Federalist review.

NEWS September 2, 2016 – A new article in French has been published yesterday by one of our members, Aude Faravelli, evaluating potential future arrangements of EU-UK-relationships: Le Brexit, c’est le Brexit.

– AUGUST 2016 –

NEWS August 22, 2016 – Two Op-Eds by Bernard Barthalay featured by the Huffington Post (France) and L’Opinion internationale (Paris) have been published.

– JULY 2016 –

NEWS July 27, 2016 – A new tab has been created to host texts already published on other websites or on our facebook pages, and which are still of interest for our next initiatives. The first one is a draft manifesto Bernard Barthalay wrote in 2006 about a bottom-up participative constituent process. Time is ripe to start such a process now.

NEWS July 26, 2016 – The Forum is alive. We have received a first comment. While the European Commission is planning a vertical communication campaign, top down, our Forum will host horizontal debate, among citizens, to answer the „what to do?“ question, bottom up. A German friend, Marc Saxer, opened a general thread.  His comment addresses lots of issues raised by our Manifesto and deserved an in-depth answer to highlight convergences and to open new paths for further debate. His text, short but of great interest, has been published as a contribution; it will be followed by our own input.

NEWS July 14, 2016 – Barthalay answers French souvereignists in the Huffington Post (France).

– MAY 2016 –

NEWS May 23, 2016 – The same op-ed has been published today on L’Espresso (Italy).

NEWS May 23, 2016 – Spinelli died on May 23rd 1986. „A Continental Manifesto“ (click on the above tab) is all about the fight he initiated before the end of WWII on behalf of the citizens of European states for the constitution of „a free and united Europe“. To commemorate, Bernard Barthalay, Robert Müller and Michele Ballerin published an op-ed this morning in the Huffington Post (France).