„Devant les perspectives terrifiantes qui s’ouvrent à l’humanité, nous apercevons encore mieux que la paix est le seul combat qui vaille d’être mené. Ce n’est plus une prière, mais un ordre qui doit monter des peuples vers les gouvernements, l’ordre de choisir définitivement entre l’enfer et la raison.“

(Albert Camus, Combat,  8 août 1945).



BREAKING NEWS – December 7, 2017 – Martin Schulz tweeted: 1) I want a new constitutional treaty to establish the United States of Europe. A Europe that is no threat to its member states, but a beneficial addition. 2) A convention shall draft this treaty in close cooperation
with the civil society and the people. Its results will then be submitted to all member states. Any state that won’t ratify this treaty will automatically leave the EU.

NEWS December 5, 2017 – We analysed the Commission proposal on the eurozone reform on our Facebook pages in the following terms: the reform would kind of constitutionalize austerity and close the door to any counter-cyclical fiscal policy; it would be one-size-fits-all-forever; it would not provide the eurozone with a significant own budget, but create a line in the EU general one, similar to the special line for Greece and subject to a unanimous decision (if any) by the 27.

NEWS December 1, 2017 – Bernard Barthalay was invited to a working lunch of the Comité Bastille that allowed to deepen the consensus between our CADE partner about taxation of net assets and cross-participation to planned events.

NEWS November 14, 2017 – Bernard Barthalay was invited by the Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants d’Entreprise, an old Paris-based association (1938) of young French entrepreneurs, to speak about the Continental Manifesto and our analysis of the current situation in the EU and the eurozone. The most striking impression to be drawn from several hours of debate, running for the most part on the completion of the euro, was a robust consensus about the need for a United States of Europe and the strategy to get from here to there.

NEWS October 20, 2017 – Closing a series of bilateral meetings with potential members and partners, a lunch brought together some high-ranking French personalities invited by Bernard Barthalay, in presence of founders of the Action Committee for Democracy in Europe
(CADE), so as to increase its membership, explore ways of funding our action and define a road map for months ahead. Michel Aglietta had the opportunity to present his concept of La Double Démocratie. Philippe Laurette, a member of our steering committee, was present.

NEWS from September to November – Attending several meetings in progressive circles and twin cities events, and meeting journalists and researches allowed Bernard Barthalay to form a local Paris-based transnational operational group to help him manage our continental network.

NEWS August 4, 2017 – As the original answer to the inescapable question „Why Europe?“, a new French edition of the Ventotene Manifesto is available since January, at jfbb_fr@yahoo.fr.

„A free and united Europe“ (as distinct from the current Union) is not just a matter of preventing wars, or dictatorships („plus jamais ça“). It was, from the start, in the minds of Spinelli and Rossi, about creating lasting societal, political and economic conditions for a multi-tier democracy, that is, civil peace, on a continental scale, as a means to roll back unfair concentrations of power and wealth, hostile and fatal to freedom. Read more here



EVENT On June 26, 2017, Bernard Barthalay and André Teissier du Cros presented the Committee Action-Democracy-Europe (CADE) to the Bastille Committee.

Puissance Europe/Weltmacht Europa (PE/WE) was represented by Federica Martiny (Pisa) et Jean-Mathieu Robine (Paris). The Agreement establishing the Action Committe for Democracy in Europe is available here in French and here in English.


EVENT Our friend Michel Aglietta was invited by the GRASPE review to deliver a lecture in Brussels on June 7, 2017: „Un projet européen pour la croissance“, in the presence of Georges Dassis, President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

NEWS On June 4, 2017, the World Government Research Network published a paper by Bernard Barthalay about the French presidential elections: „What does the Macron Brand stand for?“. Read the paper here

EVENT On April 5, 2017, the GRASPE review and Georges Dassis, President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) invited to look back on the European Union sixty years after the Rome Treaty.

The invitees were Bernard Barthalay (PE/WE), Philip Cordery, then still a member of the French National Assembly elected by French citizens living in the Benelux, and Eneko Landaburu, a former Commission Director General, now special advisor to Enrico Letta, President of „Notre Europe“. More information



EVENT A private meeting led to the attendees‘ decision to join efforts and to promote together a eurozone democracy as a prerequisite and as an optimal framework for any effective action to roll back financialisation and return to the Founders‘ plan for a federation.

The attendees of the meeting are Bernard Barthalay, President of Puissance Europe/Weltmacht Europa, André Teissier du Cros, President of the Bastille Committee and author of A Tax on Net Assets (TNA) or Progressive Tax on Inactive Wealth, 2016, François Morin, Emeritus Professor of Economics at Toulouse 1 University, author of L’économie politique du XXIe siècle, Paris, 2017.


NEWS Bernard Barthalay (PE/WE), Michel Crinetz, former supervisor, Gilles Raveaud, Institut d’Etudes européennes at Paris 8 University, and Stanislas Jourdan, Campaign Coordinator for „Quantitative Easing for people“ cosigned an op-ed in L’Obs on „helicopter money“. Find the op-ed here


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